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for our farewell party. and we had a lovely time. our son, ivan, and his wife kendra, who are in oregon where they have a small farm tawld tipping tree farm. we wish they could be here today, our grandson carter, who is a proud member of the university of oregon marching band, the ducks, who served as an intern for me -- not at government expense, by the way, that was at our expense. and our little dog dakota, who has become sort of a mascot of the united states senate. brian williams when he did a show on a day in the life of senate concluded that program by calling dakota the 101st senator. and, you know, i think he will be missed perhaps more than i am as i leave the senate. in 1964 i came here, i sat up in the gallery, in fact, it was the gallery right up here. and i was 16 years old. and i watched a debate in the united states senate. it was on civil rights. hubert humphrey was leading that debate. and it so inspired me that i thought, you know, someday i'd like to be down on that floor and i would like to debate the great issues of the day and i would like to represent the people
the first proposed five high-speed rail routes in america and one of them was from eugene, oregon to vancouver, british columbia, and we will hear a bit later from paula hammond this secretary of transportation in my state, who will describe our progress, or lack thereof, small amount of progress in achieving those goals. but we're plugging away at it. this is not an easy thing. right-of-way issues are very problematic. the conflicts between freight and passenger rail. we need to invest time and effort in helping to work those things through. but die -- i do believe the american people want high and higher speed rail. california is trying something unique in terms of the new right-of-way. they're seeing difficulties about that has the promise of true high-speed rail, which can pretty much only come with new and dedicated right-of-way which is problematic and expensive. but i still believe that there's a tremendous market for this, and if done right, it will be something that future generations of americans will look back on and say they can't believe there was a day when we were w
private capital. for example, the portland housing authority in portland, oregon, uses project-based vouchers to provide housing to formerly [inaudible] on flexibility, it allows us to provide this to veterans using housing vouchers as well. the department is pleased that some of our most important stakeholders from public housing authorities and low-income housing were able to negotiate their differences and in order to advance broader section eight reform. as the community craft the legislation, we hope you will consider the stakeholder approach. mr. chairman, there is an irrefutable need for rental assistance across this nation. at the same time, there is long-standing consensus on a set of reforms that will streamline and simplify the administration of the housing choice voucher and the public housing program. improving not only the oversight of the programs as well, we look forward to working with the committee and industry partners to develop property-based oversight structure. we also recognize that any expansion of the program must be coupled with measures to protect te
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3